Why Should You Try High Roller Pokies NZ

It is always beneficial to check the games you are going to play before joining a casino. Online casinos have a huge collection of games. Most of them are added to the platform to increase varieties and attract more users. What if you are not just playing for fun, but also want to win big? Regular online pokies won’t deliver what you want. 

Try high roller pokies NZ to spin reels for higher payouts and bag large sums of money. High-roller slots are games that allow users to place large bets and secure big wins. Those games can have better perks than regular pokies. Besides, the jackpot amount can be much bigger than you have imagined! 

What are High Roller Pokies in New Zealand Casinos?

As you can guess from the name of the category, high-roller pokies are online slots with much higher betting limits. Online casinos provide those games specifically for users, who hate betting pennies. 

Reputable online casinos have two types of pokies, high limit or high roller pokies and penny pokies. Penny pokies are pretty entertaining and best suited for beginners. You bet pennies and win smaller sums of money. Those pokies can also deliver big rewards if you hit a jackpot. 

High roller pokies have the top betting limits. They allow players to wager as big as possible in the game. These games are suited for elite players, who follow excellent gaming tactics to win big. Casinos offer additional perks with high roller pokies in terms of bonuses, free spins, and more. Therefore, many players wish to play high roller pokies NZ online. 

What Should You Do to Become a High Roller in Online Casinos in NZ?

Casinos consistently search for players who are not afraid of placing big bets to win jaw-dropping rewards. Can any player get the high roller status? No, it requires consistent performance to get treated like a VIP customer. High Roller pokies NZ players not only bet big but also bet consistently. Therefore, they get all the perks of being a high roller in online casinos. 

A player can earn high roller status by playing high-limit pokies at a reputed online casino in New Zealand. You will have to be a consistent performer to climb all the steps and gain a spot on the chosen casino’s VIP player list. You will become a high roller once you gain a position among the top-tier players. 

Players do not become high rollers within a few days. Each casino has set different parameters to recognize VIP players. Some require users to spend five-figure amounts to reach the top status. Other platforms demand consistent spending for top rewards to reward the high roller status. 

Pick the best online casino in NZ to play top-rewarding games as often as possible. Make large deposits regularly to play high roller pokies NZ and win as big as possible. The casino will soon recognize you as an important customer. It will virtually welcome you by spreading the red carpet and offering perks that only top players get. 

Perks of Playing High Roller Pokies NZ

Some users may wonder why to spend large sums of money in online gambling when things go just great with regular pokies. Of course, regular pokies are pretty entertaining. They have all the attributes of being a perfect source of entertainment for users. Yet, do not reward big wins.

Progressive slots may deliver appealing jackpots, but you cannot be sure that it is your lucky day. High rollers are not afraid of staking big sums of money to secure a much larger prize. Besides, the following perks encourage them to spend more time in high roller pokies NZ:

Appealing cashback offers

Do casinos offer cashback offers? Yes, they do offer cashback, especially when you are a high roller. The top online casino in NZ provides free money as you complete the signup process. That is your fund and you can use it to bet big in your favorite online slot games. 

It might sound a bit weird that’s why an online casino would offer free money when it has been established to make money. Online gambling platforms are trying their best to assure users that their money, personal data, and interests are safe with them. Therefore, they provide a lot better deals than brick-and-mortar casinos. 

VIP players also get compensated if they lose large bets in online casino games. It shows casinos value your efforts and encourage you to try more bets to secure a big reward and overcome all losses. 

Regular players get free spins or deposit bonuses. High rollers get 10% to 40% cashback and that is sometimes higher than the biggest prize regular pokies offer. So, do not miss such appealing deals if you have the funds to bet big and win appealing prizes. 

Faster payouts 

It can take 3-7 working days to get the money transferred to your bank account if you are a regular player. Casinos often set a threshold for money withdrawal. You cannot withdraw a few dollars from the online gambling platform. The winning amount should reach a certain limit to enable the withdrawal option. 

There are no such issues with high roller pokies NZ. The winning amount is already much bigger than the usual withdrawal limit of the casino. Besides, the best online casino in New Zealand processes the user’s withdrawal request on a top-priority basis. You get funds transferred quickly if you are a high roller. 

Whales can also deposit large sums of money at a time and get massive deposit bonuses. High deposit limits and convenient withdrawal limit makes high roller slots NZ best for players, who love to enjoy fast gameplay. 

Higher withdrawal limits 

Online casinos can have daily to monthly withdrawal limits. Users cannot make multiple withdrawal requests in a specific period. It is important to know that regular users do not get the perks of withdrawing large sums of money. Casinos set an upper cap on how much a player can withdraw. 

High roller pokies NZ players do not face those issues. They get higher withdrawal limits and casinos may also allow users to withdraw more often. Therefore, it is worth trying to pay big bets more often to withdraw large sums of winning amount more often. 

Exclusive bonuses 

Whales are the top customers of online casinos. Their presence is essential for the rapid growth of online casinos. Therefore, they bring exclusive bonus deals for VIPs who are not afraid of pacing large bets. 

High roller pokies NZ deliver large bonuses in terms of cashback and multiple free spins for big wins. Your account manager will keep track of bonuses landed in your account and inform you from time to time about upcoming bonuses. Slot players value free spins more than chips. Therefore, Kiwi casinos reward many free spins to high rollers to keep them entertained for a long time. 

Tournament invites

Both land-based and online casinos organize many tournaments for promotions. They invite top players from all over the world to attract more spectators and players. You can become one of those whales every casino desires to make a part of the tournament. 

Try high roller pokies NZ along with other top-playing games. You can win much bigger rewards in online casino tournaments and gain thousands of fans and followers as well. 


High rollers are skilled gamblers capable of winning massive prizes in both online and offline casinos. Improve your gaming skills, pick the top-paying online pokies, make large deposits, and play large bets. You will gain the high roller status and get all the perks associated with high roller pokies NZ.

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