Top 4 Games to Play in Live High-roller Casinos NZ

Are you tired of placing small bets in the hope of securing a big jackpot? Do you wish to speed up the process and bag a big prize at a trusted online casino? Try live high roller casinos NZ. These platforms are welcoming players, who are not afraid of betting big to win big. The gameplay in online casino games will be pretty enthralling the moment you get into the high roller section. 

New Zealand’s most trusted online casinos are providing cutting-edge live dealer games. They connect users to highly-trained dealers serving users looking for big wins. It will be a Vegas-like feeling when you are ready to bet big and secure a big reward. 

What are Some Popular Games on Live High Roller NZ Casinos?

High Roller casinos feature a variety of live dealer games with great payouts. The most popular ones are as follows:

Live Roulette

A high-stake roulette game not only entertains players but also attracts many spectators. Live high roller casinos NZ provide both American and Russian roulettes. A seasoned dealer will be on your screen serving players, who love to place large bets. Pick a slot and enjoy the thrill of winning a big prize. 


Needless to say, poker is the most exciting and entertaining casino game. Players not only require good luck but also excellent gaming tactics to beat opponents. Seasoned poker players can secure a win, even if they have poor cards. You can be that player when playing a high-stakes poker game in a live casino. 

Online casinos have started organizing poker tournaments to invite players from all over the world. Seasoned poker players win millions in rewards when they win a reputed online tournament. Check upcoming events at live high roller casinos NZ to get a chance to win a big reward without investing a lot of money. 


Baccarat is a renowned table game featured in all brick-and-mortar casinos. The dealer plays an important role in this game while serving multiple players at a time. It has a low house edge and you only compete against the dealer. Get a hand with a higher value and you will win a big prize in the game. 

Different casinos feature different variants of Baccarat. Traditional baccarat is popular among high rollers, but they are not afraid of learning and trying something new. 


Do you wish to interact with dealers while enjoying a high-stakes casino game? Try blackjack because you will be playing against the casino. Live high roller casinos NZ serve with the help of dealers, who are neutral and professional. Your goal is to get cards summing up to 21 or close to this value. Beat the dealer and you will secure an appealing prize. 

Final Thoughts

Many online casinos are offering other games, such as sic bo, craps, and more games to entertain whales. Check all those games when you join live high roller casinos NZ. Live dealers will ensure you get the fairest winning opportunities. Try your luck and win big prizes every day. 

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